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Neat, it's makyo's card Furry House Bingo

b b b i n g o Furry House Bingo (3) by makyo Free "Wipe yourpaws" doormat Furry in-jokesare unavoidablearoundnon-furrycompany Inflatableis presentas decor Havingcoworkersover requirescarefulconsideration The one babyfurhas a stackof ABU diapersin the closet Most computershave furrystickers "Tame" furryart on thewalls "Warn us iffamily iscoming over" Someone keepsa bad dragonon the shelf Explicit furryart is alsopresent Someone hasan animalhat Plushies onbed and couches All residentsare furries Fursuit headsproudly ondisplay Furry T-shirtsgalore! Unexplainedtufts of fauxfur or polyfillspontaneouslygenerate Furryconventionpintglasses/mugsin cupboard Dog bowlamongst commondishware Furrydakimakura "Why do youhave a collarand leash?You don'thave a dog" Kigurumisare automaticcold-weatherwear Dryer linttrap needsemptying morethan normal Furrybooks/comicson bookshelves There's alot of fansin storage Landlord asksif you havea dog youdidn't tellthem about Free

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