alpha!b b b i n g o

emanate's play of Furry House Bingo


b b b i n g o Furry House Bingo (3) by makyo Free Someone hasan animalhat "Warn us iffamily iscoming over" Furrydakimakura Kigurumisare automaticcold-weatherwear Furry T-shirtsgalore! Furrybooks/comicson bookshelves Plushies onbed and couches There's alot of fansin storage Fursuit headsproudly ondisplay Unexplainedtufts of fauxfur or polyfillspontaneouslygenerate The one babyfurhas a stackof ABU diapersin the closet Dog bowlamongst commondishware All residentsare furries Most computershave furrystickers Havingcoworkersover requirescarefulconsideration Dryer linttrap needsemptying morethan normal "Why do youhave a collarand leash?You don'thave a dog" "Tame" furryart on thewalls Someone keepsa bad dragonon the shelf Furryconventionpintglasses/mugsin cupboard Explicit furryart is alsopresent Furry in-jokesare unavoidablearoundnon-furrycompany Landlord asksif you havea dog youdidn't tellthem about Inflatableis presentas decor "Wipe yourpaws" doormat Free

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