alpha!b b b i n g o

Neat, it's cummienummie's card card-boot-installations-deserter

b b b i n g o card-boot-installations-deserter (1) by cummienummie Free Has a collar Gets hornywhen calleda good boy Has eatendry dog food Owns a dogmask enjoys leashpulling Eats foodfrom dog bowl has a tailplug Has eatenwet dog foodbefore Drank fromtoilet before Has a "dog"cage Feels happiestwhen wearingcollar Sleeps ina dog bed Free Everyone knowsyou are apet Has an owner Sleeps indog crate Willing tobe taken tothe vet Shops at apet storefor personalitems Family knowsyou are apet Only eatsfood fromdog bowl Is enviousof other dogs Prefers dogfood overhuman food Wants to bea pet 24/7 Wears collarin public Only barkswhen wearingcollar Free

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