alpha!b b b i n g o

cummienummie's play of card-boot-installations-deserter


b b b i n g o card-boot-installations-deserter (1) by cummienummie Free Gets hornywhen calleda good boy Wants to bea pet 24/7 Drank fromtoilet before Has eatendry dog food Has a "dog"cage Has eatenwet dog foodbefore Sleeps indog crate Is enviousof other dogs Willing tobe taken tothe vet enjoys leashpulling Has a collar Sleeps ina dog bed Free Family knowsyou are apet Only eatsfood fromdog bowl Feels happiestwhen wearingcollar Shops at apet storefor personalitems Prefers dogfood overhuman food Only barkswhen wearingcollar Owns a dogmask Has an owner Wears collarin public has a tailplug Everyone knowsyou are apet Eats foodfrom dog bowl Free

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