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Neat, it's makyo's card Kink Bingo (Maddy)

b b b i n g o Kink Bingo (Maddy) (5) by makyo Free Degradation Scent marking Breeding Non-consensual Risk ofpregnancy Scruff biting Leash or collarpulling Teasing Exhibitionism(primarilypublic sex) Identity(gender,species, etc)denial Heat/estrus Breath control Humiliation Knotting/tying Ear play(teasing,pulling,biting, etc) Disciplineorreinforcement Weakened mentalstate (hypno,drugs, estrus,exhaustion,etc) Master/pet Humiliatinginstructions Speechrestrictions Pain/blood(accidentalor intentional) Orgasm orpleasure denial Clothes(bulges, cumstains onclothes,clothed sex,etc) Post-sexdegradation(publicparading,etc) Coercion Free

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