alpha!b b b i n g o

Neat, it's myst's card lewdmyst

b b b i n g o lewdmyst (0) by myst Free So many kinks,too many tolist Postfurry Slut Picky withfood Incrediblyshy and nervousand anxious Trans, butunsure exactlywhat Bad At SocialMedia AndHaving Friends AD is moreactive thanmain Collars Breeding Very low paintolerance 90% sub Purple! Can't manageto make afursona *insert whiningabout wishingthey couldtalk to certainpeople* Constantlywantingattentionand reassuranceand hatinggetting it TF Very femmeideally butnot yet??? Chastity,but unableIRL HYPNOSIS Not sure whoor what theyare Is not likehow they areonline IRL,and wishingthey couldchange that Only managesto hang outon the edgesof groups Too many chatprograms andsystems Linux/Programming Free

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