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digitalfox's play of Furry 💞 bingo


b b b i n g o Furry 💞 bingo (7) by makyo Free Likes dogbreath Willing toadd boobsfor a decentRP Checks FAat work Will makeanimal noisesif you petthem Has fappedto RocketRaccoon Says "yeen" Has customkinks on f-list Is prettysure theirafterlifeis furry Has 3+ stuffedanimals Has worn acollar inpublic Has left acomment one621 Touches allthe fluffyblankets atBed, Bath& Beyond Free space Prefers sheaths Has opinionsabout Arcaninepenises Has arguedwhether dogdicks or horsedicks arebetter Wants to blowStar Fox Knows whata "folf" is Bowser issexier thanBrad Pitt Has aphysicallyimpossiblefurry fetish Has a fursonawith a 12"dick Would fuckSonic Furry tattoo Has showntheir fursonato theirparent(s) Has an FAsubmissionunder "fetish:other" Free

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