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Neat, it's makyo's card Plaza bingo

b b b i n g o Plaza bingo (0) by makyo Free Axiom hasthe zoomies DammitFreehaven Hyndis awoo A mav getsrated Maddy mew. Tirixincinerates Jerhevon reallyshould goto bed Tracey yerf./ Tracey flop. Megawolf'sbeanbag Tao blends. Off-by-one'look' turnsinto ';ppl' Denn yawnsjaws-unhingedly The fountain Brone andZivi are reallycute Rax up a tree Surf is beingcute andearnest withsomeone. Bran flicksoff hislionclothdeftly Kem grunts Ciaran<horsenoise.wav> Ethelindarolls 1d20to sneak out Dave's here,maaaaaan Shayrin andLhyton arereally cute Devy, Johan,and/or Jenghizare havingfun Free

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